Date Night Ideas for Keeping the Romance Alive (Without Leaving the House)

For the last six months or so, we’ve all been feeling the pains caused by the Coronavirus. Some are feeling it financially, some are feeling it emotionally, and for couples, they’re feeling it romantically. And for those that just started dating, it was that much worse. Here are some date night ideas-keeping the romance alive without leaving the house

The good news is, just because your usual date night destinations aren’t operating the way they used to, doesn’t mean you can’t keep the romance alive at home!

Dinner dates are great, and to help elevate the experience, here are some examples of how you can fulfill your date night desires at home.

1. Fine Dining

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to go to a Michelin rated restaurant, so we know exactly what it’s like. And because of that, you can replicate the experience at home.

You can print menu’s, get dressed up, even name the “restaurant”. Pre-plan your three meal course, and enjoy the sounds of your wine glasses clinking together as you cheers to date night.

2. Game Night

This may not sound like your first choice, but don’t discount the benefits and enjoyment of game night. You can sit down to the classics like Scrabble or Checkers, or you can kick things up a notch and invest into themed games like an Escape Room.

If you really want spice things up, you can always play the adult version of Twister.

3. Home Spa Services

Last but not least, we have DIY relaxation therapy. Helping each other relax brings a whole new level of intimacy, as it requires you to really focus on your partner, and provide a calming environment. Whether it’s manicures, facials, or massages, it will be a lot more fun, enjoyable, and affordable doing them at home.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading “Here are some date night ideas-keeping the romance alive without leaving the house”.

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Date Night Ideas for Keeping the Romance Alive (Without leaving the House)